Corporate Sponsorship

Laura Fergusson Trust offers a social initiative to interested corporates that align with the LFT philosophy of empowering our clients to be the best they can through corporate sponsorship. Aligning with LFT can have a direct positive impact on improving the quality of life of those we support.

Support for the Laura Fergusson Trust is a way for your business to express shared values, enhance your reputation and visibility, engage staff and build closer connections and positive impact with your local community.

Charity of choice

Why not make us your businesses charity of choice? Nominate the Laura Fergusson Trust as your next charity partner. Your contribution can make a big difference the care and support we deliver.

Payroll giving is also an easy way to donate directly to the Laura Fergusson Trust. Employees can give once or set up regular payments and receive an immediate tax benefit of 33% of their total donation.

Corporate Partnership

Corporate support doesn’t have to be just traditional events or logo placement: more creative approaches can engage staff at all levels, raise the profile of both parties, and make lasting impact.

A well designed corporate partnership can also be more strategic – demonstrating shared purpose and values, investing in leadership, developing skills and emotional intelligence, and improving culture, job satisfaction and employee retention.

We’re keen to discuss opportunities that will be mutually beneficial: funding, support and increased visibility for Laura Fergusson Trust; and brand awareness, reputation building, team development and making a lasting impact for a corporate partner.