Leave a Gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will is a wonderful way to help people with a disability to pursue a supported and independent lifestyle.

LFT accepts bequests as a method of support and this ensures your generosity will continue well into the future. Before offering a bequest it is important to discuss your intention with your family and seek the advice of a lawyer.

There are various ways you can leave a lasting contribution:

  • A residual gift – after you have provided for your family, you can nominate that you want to leave all or part of what is left of your estate (known as the residual) to the Laura Fergusson Trust.
  • A percentage – you may choose to gift all or a percentage of your estate to the Laura Fergusson Trust. This way if the value of your assets increase or decrease in time, so does your gift.
  • A specific gift – you decide a specific gift, this could be a set amount of money, shares or real estate.
    Once your Will has provided for your family and friends, it’s easy to leave a gift to the Laura Fergusson Trust.

You may wish to donate towards a particular area, resource or outcome tat is impart mat to you personally. This can be arranged and we also have some important areas that need ongoing support.

We recommend you discuss this with your solicitor or a trustee company to ensure your assets are directed to the people and causes you care about. Your lawyer will make sure you have the correct legal wording, and if you already have a Will, a codicil can be added.